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Food safety and sanitation practices of eateries in La Trinidad, Benguet.


Vicente G. Panagan,
Nail C. Wayagwag,
Annie G. Tawali,
Merville F. Tacadena Jr.,
Bhong B. Sayap,
Daisy B. Pascual

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Benguet State University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2008


This study intended to determine the food safety and sanitation practices of the eateries at La Trinidad, Benguet in terms of structural facilities which include floors, walls, ceiling, lighting, ventilation, overcrowding and change rooms; sanitary facilities including hand washing facilities, toilet facilities, potable water supply and sewage disposal, waste management; equipment and utensils and food service. Moreover, it also sought to answer if there are significant differences in food safety and sanitation practices when grouped according to status of registration, location and seating capacity.

Random sampling method was utilized in the selection of eateries in the achievement of the result of the study. Observation checklist was the main tool in gathering information where in the researchers went to the eateries and watched and actual observed the employees’ food safety and sanitation practices. The data gathered from the checklist were collated, tabulated, tallied and analyzed.

The total number of eateries observed at La Trinidad are 40 and the fillings of the study were as follows:

The food safety and sanitation practices under structural facility are moderately observed by the eateries and in the sanitary facility, eateries seldom practice comply with the Code. For equipment and utensils, the eateries are often practicing having the requirements and moderately practicing in terms of food service on the other hand.

There is no significant difference in the level of food safety and sanitation practices when grouped according to: status of registration (registered, unregistered); seating capacity (below 30, above 30); and location (inside BSU, outside BSU).

As a result, the following recommendations were developed: (1) BSU concerned personnel should inspect the canteens and also the eateries within the campus for their compliance to the requirements imposed by the Code of Sanitation. (2) Food handlers must attend food handler's seminar before officially working in an eatery and strictly follow the Sanitary Operation Procedure (SOP). (3) Costumers should also be aware and cautious of where to satisfy their hunger- if it is safe for their health. (4) Business owners of any eateries should also find a good location for their eateries and have an adequate space for costumers. (5) The local government must thoroughly assess the renewal of permits. Appropriate punishments and penalties must be imposed to every violation. A thorough follow-up inspection must be observed routinely to determine these eateries' compliance with the Code of Sanitation. And (6) To conduct a study that focuses on food poisoning victims within La Trinidad, Benguet.


The study dealt with food safety and sanitation practices of eateries at La Trinidad. Specifically, it answered the following questions:
1. What is the level of food safety and sanitation practices of eateries at La Trinidad, Benguet in terms of:
a. structural facilities
a.1. floors
a.2. walls
a.3. ceiling
a.4. lighting
a.5. ventilation
a.6. overcrowding
a.7. change rooms
b. sanitary facilities
b.1. hand washing facilities
b.2. toilet facilities
b.3. potable water supply
b.4. sewage disposal
c. equipment and utensils
d. food service
2. Is there a difference in the level of food safety and sanitation practices of the eateries if the following items are considered:
a. Status of registration (registered or unregistered)
b. Seating capacity (above 30 or below 30)
c. Location (inside BSU or outside BSU)


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